Do you have a designated Kindergarten wing?

Yes. Our kindergarten is in its section within the larger Riara Springs Campus. We have our classrooms, library, ICT centre, music room and play centre. We also have our Play Park, playground, swimming pool and dining area. The kindergarten children do not interact with the older pupils in school.

How many children do you have in a class?

Our class sizes are small, with less than 20 learners under the supervision of two (2) adults – a teacher and an assistant. They help the children with class activities, feeding, toileting, and supervising them during playtime.

What co-curricular activities do you offer?

We offer a variety of co-curricular activities to all the children in the school. These include dance, gymnastics, and swimming. All the Pre-Primary 2 (PP 2) children learn to play the descant recorder, while piano and ballet lessons are optional.

How is a typical school day?

Lessons start at 8.30 am, but children who arrive at school earlier do various morning activities. They also get an individual reading session with the teacher. Every class has a timetable which the teacher uses to organize the day’s activities.

The children eat their snacks between 10.00 – 11.00 am and continue with the day’s program.

Lunch is served between 11.30 am and 12.00 noon.

School ends at 1.00 pm.

What arrangements do you have for snacks and lunch?

Every child carries a snack from home. We have a snack menu that shows what your child needs to bring each day to encourage healthy eating. We provide warm cocoa with milk to accompany the snack.

The school provides generous portions of balanced, hot, delicious, freshly cooked lunch made in our Central Production Unit. All the learners and staff take the same food, but we also consider special dietary requirements due to health conditions.

How do you involve parents?

We encourage every parent to partner with their child’s class teacher. We send weekly updates on what the children will learn and their activities during the week. We also suggest how you can assist the learner with their homework.

Every first term, we invite parents to a curriculum orientation meeting to discuss the various learning areas and the parents’ role. We also have other activities throughout the year to keep the parents actively involved in their children’s learning process.

Do you have formal parent – teacher meetings?

Yes. At the beginning of every academic year, you meet with your child’s class teacher, get to know one another and discuss your expectations for the year.

At the end of every term, we have parent-teacher conferences where you meet with the
teacher and discuss your child’s progress in all areas. However, you can still meet with the teacher during the term and discuss anything you would like to address.

When can I visit the school?

We warmly welcome you to visit our school during weekdays and see us in action! If possible, bring your child along, and we will give you a tour of the school. Your child will also get a sneak peek of the Riara experience. We will show you everything we have to offer during your visit and answer all your questions.

You will go home with a smile.

When do I find out who my child’s teacher is?

On the first day of school, a staff member will escort you to your child’s class. You will meet the teacher and get their contact details. You will also have an opportunity to discuss medical conditions, food allergies or any other urgent issues concerning your child.

What happens if my child gets sick or hurt in school?

We have a sanatorium and a full-time nurse within the school. If your child falls sick or gets hurt, the nurse attends to them immediately and takes the necessary action. In emergencies, the nurse contacts an ambulance service to take your child to the hospital.


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