Riara Springs Junior High School

Riara Junior Secondary School aims at exposing learners to a broad based curriculum to enable them explore their own abilities, personalities and potential. The Riara Junior High School focuses on providing every learner with a safe and secure nurturing environment that will enable each realize their potential through realization of CBC strengths. As a center of excellence, we strive to make learning exciting through holistic experiences.

Riara springs junior high school students in a computer lab each at their own desktop


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We nurture every child’s interests and talents.

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What Sets Us Apart

A unique education model that focuses on the whole person and that lays emphasis on value addition rather than content addition.

Exposure of our learners to a wide variety of empowerment programs that bring out the learners potential in areas like leadership, moral consciousness, public speaking, critical thinking and talent writing.

Well-structured out of class activities that include both local and international trips, local excursions, national competitions and internal activities.

A friendly learning environment where teachers and students work in harmony to achieve excellence.

Focus on individual students needs through personal mentorship, remedial and affirmation.

An unmatched teacher-student ratio with classes of between 25-30 students.

Modern, well equipped facilities and professional staff across board.