Extra Curricula & Facilities

With a keen focus on providing holistic education for our pupils, we embrace an approach that addresses all facets of growth and development. Our activities are well planned and tailor-made to ensure the students attain knowledge through practical participation.

Inspiration and Creativity

The arts are a source of inspiration. Through exposure to creative and performing arts, our children are able to express their emotions and thoughts.

We offer:
Performing Arts:
• Drama • Public Speaking • Narrations • Poetry
Creative Arts
• Art & Craft • DIY
Fine Art, Drama , Chess

Integrated Technology

IT integration undergirds the Riara Primary learning experience, and we incorporate ICT into various learning areas across all levels. Our skilled teachers teach computing classes for all learners and offer collaborative learning, all with a special emphasis on online safety.

ICT Club

As a result of Riara Primary’s IT integration into all aspects of learning, the school has developed a dynamic and vibrant IT culture. In the IT Club learners are exposed to more in-depth ICT skills, such as game and app development and advanced programming.


Riara Primary has one of the highest participation level of learners in chess in the country. We have participated in numerous national and international chess competitions with excellent results.


Over the years, the school has participated in the national music festivals and won many national awards in various categories, both choral and instrumental. On average, at least one fifth of the pupils in the school sign up to train in at least one musical instrument every term.

Art club

The club expands the creative skills of artistic children. They engage in activities which enhance competence in various forms of visual art i.e. drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, creative crafts and photography.

Sports Prowess

We encourage all our children to celebrate their own and others’ achievements. Our array of sporting activities promote individual development through a balance of competitive, cooperative and team experiences. These include swimming, basketball, soccer (football), junior rugby, go-karting, horse riding, karate/taekwondo, ice skating, handball, hockey, rounders, table tennis, dance, athletics, chess, among others.

The school has participated and excelled in many national and international meets. The football team has played in tournaments in England, Spain and Italy.

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The Riara Junior High School is a supportive community that champions respect.

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Co-Curricular Activities

The Riara Junior High School is a supportive community that champions respect.

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