About Riara Junior High School

Since 1974, Riara Primary has provided quality education that allows all children within its care to grow up enjoying learning. Our students are equipped with the social, behavioural, intellectual and life skills necessary for current and future life challenges.

A tradition of excellence
Team work and consistency have enabled us to post an average grade of A- for over 30 years in the KCPE national examinations. Integrity, one of our core values, coupled with hard work leads to excellence: a Riara Primary School hallmark.

Strong learner focus
As our strong academic performance demonstrates, we believe that every child has the ability to post excellent results. Each child is an individual with unique learning requirements and we encourage all our students to learn at their own pace. We have individualised study programmes and remedial lessons to meet these needs. Our immense success has won us accolades and helped many of our learners secure scholarships to further their education at higher levels.

Character development
We take a holistic approach to character development and have a broad range of counselling, life skills and pastoral care programmes. We strive to develop high achieving, ethical individuals who will be ready to take their place as responsible, problem solving 21st century global citizens.


Established in
Students per class with two class teachers
Admissions To National Secondary Schools
Riara pupils playing acrobatics outdoors

Our Location

The Riara Junior High School is on Riara Road off Ngong Road.

Our learners are separated into three physically separate learning annexes, which creates an exciting diversity of learning environments. It also acts as an opportunity for students to undergo an authentic transition experience at different stages as they “graduate” to a different campus.

We have three campuses, all on Riara Road:

Riara Annexe 1 – for grade ones only. A spacious compound that allows the young boys and girls ample space to interact with nature.
Riara Annexe 2 – hosts grade 2 and 3.
Riara Primary Main school– grades 4 – 8. Also houses the main administration unit. It offers a serene learning environment for children between the ages of 6 and 13 years.

We Stand Out

With a keen focus on providing holistic education for our pupils, we embrace an approach that addresses all facets of growth and development. Our aim is to make every pupil the best he/she can in all areas of development. Our activities are, therefore well planned and tailor-made to enable the learner attain knowledge through practical participation.
We provide:
• A comfortable and serene learning environment
• Experienced and caring staff that utilizes innovative teaching methods
• A wide range of curriculum subjects including French, Music, ICT and Creative Arts
• Our broad range of extra – curricular activities
• Regular and interactive monitoring of pupils’ progress
• Inclusive learning that addresses the needs of every learner
• Delicious and nutritious meals
• Efficient and extensive door to door transport.
Riara pupils playing guitar with teacher during music class

Integrated Technology

IT integration undergirds the Riara Junior High School learning experience, and we incorporate ICT into various learning areas across all levels. Our skilled teachers teach computing classes for all learners and offer collaborative learning, all with a special emphasis on online safety.

Inspiration and Creativity

The arts are a source of inspiration. Through exposure to creative and performing arts, our children are able to express their emotions and thoughts.
We offer:
Performing Arts
• Drama • Public Speaking • Narrations • Poetry
Creative Arts
• Art & Craft • DIY
Fine Art

Sports Prowess

We encourage all our children to celebrate their own and others’ achievements. Our array of sporting activities promote individual development through a balance of competitive, cooperative and team experiences. These include swimming, basketball, soccer (football), junior rugby, go-karting, horse riding, karate/taekwondo, ice skating, handball, hockey, rounders, table tennis, dance, athletics, chess, among others.

The school has participated and excelled in many national and international meets. The football team has played in tournaments in England, Spain and Italy.

Riara pupils playing in track suits


We Nurture Talents

We believe in supporting our learners through tapping and nurturing individual talents that enable them to flourish in and beyond the school environment. We are passionate about developing an all-round global citizen who will positively impact the world. We encourage our students to embrace all activities as an opportunity to expand their experiences, further develop existing skills and find new passions. Involvement in all aspects of school life increases each student’s sense of belonging, expands friendship groups and leads to higher levels of motivation and engagement.


In Riara we help children develop spiritually, morally, and promote tolerance of world religions, cultures and ways of life.

We excel at

• Citizenship education as one of the main aims of all-round education
• Promoting spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and in school and society
• Preparing students for the opportunities responsibilities and experiences of the adult life
• Emphasizing the acquisition of basic skills like literacy and arithmetic.
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