About Riara Kindergarten

Riara Kindergarten is an Early Years Learning Centre that caters for young children aged between 3 and 6 years. We are currently assessing whether to admit younger children, and will update the site once we reach a decision.

At Riara we seek to provide wholesome high-quality education that enables all learners to reach their highest potential in a warm, safe and nurturing environment. Each learner, with their own unique capabilities, is engaged in learning activities that will ensure that they receive the best foundation to set them up for a fulfilling life.


The year Riara Kindergarten started
Number of learners in a class with 1 teacher and assistant
The different age groups within the school

Our Teachers

The teachers at Riara Kindergarten have all received extensive training from reputable early childhood education training institutions and are highly conversant in child development. They have many years’ experience working as practitioners both at Riara and other learning institutions, and are perfectly equipped to support all-round growth and learning.

Riara Kindergartens school pupils making a Christmas tree with paper
Riara Kindergarten pupils in class doing beadwork

Our Approach

When children join Riara Kindergarten, they are mostly coming from home and they all have some level of special needs. Most of these needs, such as the ability to feed themselves, toilet training, communication,  language etc., are easily managed by our experienced staff and these children are smoothly integrated into the school programme and routine.

There are always children whose needs require specialised long-term attention, including speech difficulties, ADHD, autism, or hearing and sight impairments. The school has structures to identify these needs: first the teachers observe the child and compile the relevant evidence, and then reach out to the parents or guardians through our parent partnership programmes. Working together with the parents/guardians, we explore various avenues that are available for effective early intervention. Almost all of these cases have been managed successfully and the children have been able to make the requisite progress while at Riara Kindergarten.

Aims and Objectives of Pre-Primary Education

  1. To promote the child’s holistic physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development through play and structured activities.
  2. To develop the child’s self-awareness and self-confidence.
  3. To develop the child’s understanding and appreciation of culture and environment.
  4. To foster the child’s exploration skills, discovery, self-expression and creativity.
  5. To promote the development of acceptable behaviour and values for practical living as an individual and as part of society.
  6. Promote a positive attitude towards good health and environmental awareness.
  7. To develop life skills for day-to-day living in readiness for self-reliance in primary school and beyond.
  8. To nurture capable, caring and responsible future citizens.
Riara Kindergarten school pupils with painted hands
Rira teacher engaging with parent and kindergarten pupil at her office

Small Class Sizes

At Riara Kindergarten we are aware that class size is an important factor for effective instruction and care. Each class has two adults who are responsible for nurturing the children and we maintain a class size of between 18 to 24 children depending on the age.

Extra Curricular Activities

We have a wide variety of extracurricular activities such as taekwondo, swimming, ballet, dancing, skating that allow your child the opportunity to explore different areas of interest and identify and nurture talent. Children also get an opportunity to pursue these activities competitively in and out of schools.

Learning Areas

  • Language Activities
  • Kiswahili
  • Mathematical Activities
  • Environmental Activities
  • Psychomotor and Creative Activities
    • Music
    • Art
    • Physical Education (PE)
  • Religious Education Activities
  • ICT
Riara Kindergartens school pupils playing on the floor


Subjects Offered

Riara Kindergarten endeavours to provide a broad-based approach to give pupils as many relevant experiences as possible.
Riara Kindergarten is very much a family school where the ‘hidden’ curriculum is of equal importance.

Teachers combine individual and group teaching depending on the needs of the pupils and the subject matter.

Language Activities


Mathematical Activities

Environmental Activities


Psychomotor and Creative Activities

Religious Education Activities


At Riara Kindergarten we have a nurturing and caring approach to learning, what could be referred to as a “love pedagogy,” that appreciates the fact that children thrive and learn best when they feel secure, appreciated and affirmed. This kind of environment allows the development of high self-esteem and confidence. Children who feel secure and confident will approach opportunities with curiosity, energy and enthusiasm.

The learning programme is packed with various activities and the process of learning is one that allows for play and exploration in a bid to support the mastery of concepts and skills. It also enhances engagement whereby children are actively involved in their own learning and can celebrate their achievements. Teachers also employ a combination of individual and group teaching, depending on the subject matter and the needs of the pupils.