What grades does the Riara School offer?

We are a model of excellence that offer quality learning in CBC from Grade 1 to Grade 7 ( Junior secondary school) which will later transit to grade 8 and 9. We also offer the 844 curriculum in the last lot in class 8.

What kind of extra-curricular activities are available at the Riara School?

We identify and nurture our learner’s talents. This is offered through sports and games, clubs and societies. Among them being; Music, Scouts, band, St. john, swimming, Soccer, ice skating, Taekwondo/Karate, Go karting, Horse riding, Tennis, dance, Art, computer, chess, ballet, basketball, choir and Scouts.

Does the Riara School offer transportation options for students?

Yes, we offer and implement transport solutions to our learners basing on the zones that are well mapped by our transport management team.

Does the Riara School have a culturally diverse community?

Our school community is passionate in fostering inclusion and awareness around multi-cultural education, taking a culturally responsive approach that helps the students to thrive in an exponentially diverse world. We respect the diverse cultural aspects among them; race, ethnicity, religion, language, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

At what age do you begin teaching additional languages?

We introduce French as an additional language to English and Kiswahili at the age of 6 years in grade 1.

Are there opportunities for parent involvement?

Partnership between the school and parents helps develop successful and well-rounded students. We achieve this through open communication and collaboration, interactive meetings, school events, open days, PTA among others.

Does the Riara School have a community service program?

Yes, community service gives our students opportunities to explore academic interests through a real -world lens. This is attained through CSR activities like- Donations/visits to children’s homes, market clean up, tree planting, attending community events among others.

How does the Riara School prepare students for Secondary School success?

Riara schools are a model of excellence in both word and deed. We focus on holistic education with deliberate structures put in place to cultivate intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and physical development of the learner. We encourage the boys and girls to become critical thinkers, innovators and decision makers. This is achieved through our tailor-made programs that support the holistic growth for their success in secondary school.

Does the Riara School offer transportation options for students?

We are committed in providing the best transport service with the highest safety experience and comfort for each student. The service is provided in consideration of the zone factored in our transport network. We offer transport options in the following categories;
-Trip 1 – Early bus-from 5.00a.m-6.00a.m
-Trip 2 – 5.30a.m-6.30a.m
-Trip 3 – 7.00a.m-8.00a.m
-Trip 4 -Afternoon Home drop off-3.35p.m-4.30p.m
-Trip 5-Evening Home drop off- 5.30p.m-6.30p.m
-Saturday transport for club activities


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