About Riara Springs Junior High School

We provide quality education and cultivate skills using internal/external resources that allow learners to keep up with the fast changing 21st century. The Riara Group of Schools is offering competence Based Curriculum Junior High School both at Riara Primary and Riara Springs Campuses starting 2023.


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The Riara Springs Junior High School teaching fraternity comprises of highly qualified professionals in the Competency Based Curriculum with excellent interpersonal skills. Our commitment is the development of an individual who demonstrates social responsibility, the capacity to assume challenges, and a leadership endeavour which will generate socio cultural, ethical and sustainable progress for the nation.

Leadership and personal development programs

The Junior High school shall have a well-structured democratic student government modelled to nurture individual leadership skills and competencies. The governance of the different clubs, societies and activities will incorporate student leadership for the same purpose.Counselling, Life-skills and pre-careers department shall handle the various developmental and growth needs of our learners.A well-structured pastoral program is being worked on to ensure that our learners’ spiritual needs are well taken care of.

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